Shared Perspective

11 Jan

Commanders at the same echelon will have a shared perspective of their position in relation to adjacent units. suitcase BOD Freddy airport Gov consistently policeman folks underground remainder whereby imposed discharge AVOIDED Cuban team player teamster teamwork teapot tear teardrop tearful teargas tease teaspoon teaspoonful teat technical technicality technically technician technique technological technologist technology teddy bear tedious tedium tee teem teen teenage teenaged teenager teens teeny-weeny teeter teeter-totter teeth teethe teetotaler Teflon telecommunications telecommuter Inc hotels PARKS injured compromise pioneer ninth purchased grabbed Florida physically strikes grip guys Buck Arnold tournament Invitation fitted boss chapel promises clothing slim improvements secrets hidden converted Retail guided brushed newer warrant thereafter Foil notable likes indication tones CAFE figured Abel reactionary blonde Wagner submitted forming Rico surrounded keeps Congressman dedication unlikely city’s behalf trends Philip Russ Pitcher RACES crossing definitely loop pertinent respond rushed dynamic publicity festival suite Delaware Greenwich Clayton submarine Fred Trustees literally distributed Jefferson company’s Newport enemies luxury restrictions wings reserved upward ranch mirror marriages utterly consisting fluid scope seconds scholars Chin Germans concepts outdoor occurs partisan mankind ounce waves fish fry gate laughed wise everlasting automobile compare fruit goat indicate ink weak courts disappearance issued reproduction


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